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Some things need to be carefully considered when purchasing a home in Mexico!  You need the right guidence and you need professionals to step in and make sure it goes smoothly. 


"Investing in a foreign country where I do not speak the language or completely understand the sales process would personally get me stressed. I put myself in my clients shoes and assure them I will help them each step of the way. From knowing which notary, bank and lawyer to use to the greatest margarita in town, I want the best for my clients"  Cory Bronson

Buying a property in Mexico can be an excellent investment -- especially if you plan to live in Mexico long-term. It is a common misconception that foreigners cannot own real estate in Mexico, but the reality is that they can.

Aquaint yourself with the buying and selling process, and finding a good agent and notary, you will likely have a smooth and easy experience purchasing a property in Mexico.

Can foreigners own property in Mexico?
Is financing available?
Can I own a property on the beach?
Is owning in Mexico a sound investment?
What are property taxes like?

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